Walt Disney’s name is synonymous with groundbreaking entertainment. He broke borders in animation, filmmaking, television, and theme parks.

Did you know Walt also had his eye on the ski industry? In the 1960s, Walt was planning a state of the art, fully imaginative family ski resort in Mineral King Valley, California. 

The resort was to be a winter wonderland, including a ski center, five-story hotel, movie theater, general store, pools, ice rinks, tennis courts, a golf course, and many dining options. Walt and Imagineer Marc Davis were also planning a full audio animatronic dinner show for guest entertainment.

Mineral King never came to be, but no good idea ever truly dies at Disney, and the audio animatronic entertainment found new life in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

For this trivia question: What Disney attraction was first imagined as entertainment for Walt Disney’s Mineral King ski resort? 

Take your best guess, then click on Mickey to see the answer (it’s part of a short history on the never-built Mineral King ski resort)!

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