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“To all who come to this happy place – welcome”

Walt Disney spoke these words back in July 1955, when his dream project – Disneyland – first opened to the public. Disneyland was one of many dreams Walt made come true over the course of his life.

Walt dreamed big, worked hard, and was a pioneer in the fields of animation, motion pictures, television, radio, and entertainment in general. Perhaps Walt’s biggest dream, ever-present beneath his busy life and schedule, was making family memories.

Walt was a visionary who could see a better way to create, work, and live. Walt worked hard like no other to make his dreams a reality.

Disney Facts and Figment is a place where we can gather to appreciate and be thankful for Walt’s dreams, which continue to this day to inspire the dreamer in all of us.

This site aims to both entertain and engage all who visit, with stories, news, and discussions on the history of Walt Disney and the Disney Company.

We’ll discuss the latest in Disney entertainment, dive deep into the past, cobble together some of our favorite themes, and have some fun with quizzes and trivia along the way.

We also offer travel planning services to all Disney destinations, as well as Universal Studios in Florida and Hollywood.

Disney Facts and Figment is a site where people of all ages – old and young – can celebrate the magical world of Disney together.

We’ll also be creating some kid-friendly content that will invite younger minds to dig a little deeper into all things Disney.

A Little Bit About Myself

My name is Jim Smith (yes – THAT Jim Smith). On the personal side – I’m a husband, a dad, and a Disney fan. I live in metropolitan Boston, MA, and I have lived in this area my whole life.

I am married to my best friend – my wife Nicole – and together we created our beautiful, Disney-fied family of 5 – my wife and me, two kids – Abby and Ben, and our festive Springer Spaniel Bailey (Baileywick of Enchancia – it’s one of our more obscure Disney inspirations).

I went to public school through eighth grade, played little league baseball and soccer, went to a private high school, and attended Boston University, where I achieved a degree in environmental science and policy. I practice a career in the environmental field.

Jim Smith

And on the side, I Disney. As in – I watch Disney movies, read Disney books, visit Disney parks, wear Disney merch, and listen to Disney music (and podcasts).

I’m a Disney/entertainment blogger (sometimes Harry Potter and holidays too), travel planner, and budding historian. I’ve been a Disney fan since I can remember, and in recent years I’ve become a deeper fan of Walt Disney, the man.

My demonstration of Disney affection has ebbed and flowed with me throughout my life – sometimes front and center, and sometimes subtly in the background – but it’s always there.

You might say it flows through me (like the Force!).

family with the Chip N Dale

I’ve been to Walt Disney World many times, and the most amazing visits have been over the last several years, sharing the experiences with our wonderful children.

When living life outside the Disney parks, we as a family enjoy conversations about our favorite Disney things, play 20-questions, guess the character quizzes, “Disney World favorites” polls, and puzzles.

Disney movie nights are big in our house – complete with appetizer, pizza, dessert, and drinks in our resort mugs.

Yes, we do things other than Disney too, but this primarily is a Disney site, after all!

If you’ve stopped by to visit, please drop me a note and join the mailing list! I send out a weekly newsletter.

I promise I won’t email you every day, and I will never sell your email to anyone!

Thanks for visiting, and please come back again real soon!

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