Eric Idle is a brilliant comedian, actor, singer/songwriter, and all around entertainer with many feathers in his cap, most notably his involvement in the legendary Monty Python Comedy Troupe.

While Idle’s entertainment achievements are indeed quite impressive, his largest Disney contribution was decidedly not the stuff of legend (at least not in a good way).

Idle played the role of Dr. Nigel Channing in the Epcot attraction Journey Into YOUR Imagination, which opened in October 1999. This iteration of the Imagination pavilion’s signature attraction replaced the incredibly popular original version of the attraction Journey Into Imagination, which starred Dreamfinder and his little friend Figment.

The removal of Dreamfinder and the reduction of Figment to the role of a cameo appearance was hugely dissatisfying to Walt Disney World fans, and the attraction was reimagined in October 2010, after only two years in operation. The next – and current – iteration of the attraction is called Journey Into Imagination With Figment.  As the name suggests, the attraction once again includes Figment along with Dr. Channing, but Dreamfinder remains absent, save for an Easter egg-type acknowledgment.

But you came here for a trivia question, so I’ll stop stalling. Idle’s debut as Dr. Channing actually came before his involvement with Journey Into Your Imagination. Can you tell me what attraction Dr. Channing first appeared in? Here’s a hint – this attraction debuted in Walt Disney World in 1994 – five years before Channing first appeared in Journey Into YOUR Imagination.

Take your best guess, then click on Figment to check your answer!

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