Disney’s portrayal of the storybook princess inspires girls of all ages around the world to dream big, be strong, and work hard. The Disney princess figure has evolved quite a bit since Snow White first graced the big screen in 1937. Today’s modern princess uses much more than beauty to succeed – she uses brains, wits, inner strength, and a steady resolve to succeed.

It’s time to give these Disney Princesses a little bit of love, so today’s trivia is a trio of Disney Princess questions.

Question One: Who was the first princess of color?

Question Two: Which princess was the first to be set in a contemporary environment?

Question Three: Can you name all the princesses who were not born as royal heirs, or of inherited governance (in other words, they were not born a princess)?

How many of these do you know? Take your guesses, then click the crown below to check your answers!

I was inspired to present these questions after listening to the Book of the Mouse Club podcast episode #51 “The Disney Princess: A Celebration of Art and Creativity” released on Jan. 15, 2021. Podcast hosts Courtney (@greatguthsby on Instagram) and Emily (@emily_mickde on Instagram) discussed the evolution of the Disney princess from Snow White up through the current day. It was a fascinating listen, and I recommend it for any Disney Princess fan!

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