Disney has partnered with Minecraft to issue a Magic Kingdom downloadable content (DLC) pack to celebrate the park’s 50th anniversary.

Per today’s post on Disney Parks Blog,  the game pack will replicate the Magic Kingdom park. The game pack is full of familiar iconic attractions, which players can ride through.

Image: Disney

Disney and Pixar characters wander about and will sign autographs. Vendors in the park will offer popular souvenirs and snack items (you can almost taste them!). At the end of the day, players will even get to enjoy a Disney-class fireworks display.

Image: Disney

Players will be able to choose from 25 character skins, including Mickey and Minnie in their Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary finery.  Many adults will probably have even more fun with this than their kids!

Video: Disney

But to be honest, this feels like something that should have happened years ago.

In 2013, at the height of the Minecraft craze, Disney chose to compete with the popular creative game by developing their own offering – Disney Infinity – with Avalanche Software. While the possibilities were amazing conceptually, the game play was often difficult, and the software seemed to have too many of those Disney tech glitches. Disney officially discontinued the Infinity game in 2016, concurrent with the closure of Avalanche Software.

Image: Disney

Outside the Disney company, a third party creative organization called Imaginears Club has been recreating unofficial (but very impressive) Walt Disney World-themed Minecraft offerings since 2018. The club’s offerings include all four theme parks, both water parks, and many resorts. Imaginear’s Club even offers a cubic version of two Disney Cruise Line ships!

Image: Imaginear’s Club

Disney finally bit the bullet and partnered with Minecraft in 2020 when they released a Star Wars-themed DLC pack.

Image: Disney

With the offering of Disney’s Magic Kingdom pack, one can’t help but wonder if other Disney park offerings may be on the horizon.

Will you be purchasing this DLC pack (and if so, be honest, is it for your kids or for yourself)? Let us know with a comment here, or send a direct message on social:

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