Loki – Marvel’s most anticipated streaming series to date – has introduced five new variant show posters, featuring the most memorable of the new Loki variants.

We’ve all seen the posters highlighting Loki, Mobius, Ravonna Renslayer, Hunter B-15, the Loki variant Sylvie, and of course the bright and cheerful Miss Minutes.

Images: Disney/Marvel (via thedirect.com)

Now, Marvel on Twitter has released five additional show posters, including the following variant “green men.”

Richard E. Grant plays the part of Classic Loki.

Image: Disney/Marvel

He’s the one who helped save the day in episode five by distracting the monster Alioth (en route to becoming a snack for the blue cloud dog tempest).

Kid Loki, played by Jack Veal, is the leader of the initial four-Loki band in the TVA wasteland.

Image: Disney/Marvel

He is considered to be a part of a potential future Young Avengers group in the MCU. He leads the tiny Loki squad from their bowling alley home base until…

Image: Disney/Marvel

Boastful Loki, played by DeObia Oparei, makes a play for the throne.

He did this by making a bargain with…

Image: Disney/Marvel

President Loki, head of a much larger band of variant misfits, who clearly thinks very highly of himself.

But there is one other who also thinks highly of President Loki…

Image: Disney/Marvel

Alligator Loki particularly enjoyed President Loki’s right hand.

A sweet side note regarding Alligator Loki – the visual representation for this fan favorite variant was inspired by a real life support alligator named Wally.

Do you think any of these five variants will have a meaningful impact in the sixth and final episode? Soon, we’ll know for sure (or will we?). The finale of Loki streams on Disney+ July 14, 2021.

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