A true Walt Disney original, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was created by Walt for Charles Mintz and Universal Studios in the old black and white days of animation. Oswald saw immediate success, with the short Trolley Troubles being Universal’s biggest animated success to date.

Image: Disney

Unfortunately, Walt never owned the rights to Oswald, and when Charles Mintz undercut Walt and hired away several members of his staff, Walt was forced to cut ties and start over.

Oswald remained the property of Universal for many decades, until 2006, when Disney COO Bob Iger “made a trade”, bringing Oswald home to Disney.

Disney’s Bob Iger

Now for the trivia question: What (or who) did Bob Iger trade to Universal in exchange for the rights to Oswald?

Take your best guess, then click on Oswald to check your answer while reading about some of Disney’s most popular rabbits!

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