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Day Ten: 50’s Prime Time Cafe

When we visit WDW, we try to explore a different full service dining location in each park on each trip. In December 2017, we got our first taste of the 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios. We came prepared to eat our vegetables and finish our milk, for fear that our server Cindy would make a spectacle of us – after all, she spoon fed peas to a boy near us, and lambasted a gentleman nearby for drinking his beer with a straw (can’t fault her for that one).

While Cindy was one tough cookie, she was part of the charm of this home-kitchen-throwback- style eatery.  The vintage decor, classic television programming, and home cookin’ made this an unforgettable experience for our family. Look in the background of one of our photos and you’ll see a Disney legend on the black-and-white television!

If you ate here, what did (or would) you order to eat?  I loved my braised short rib. One of the best meals of my week!

Day Nine: Dapper Dans at Christmas

I make no bones about my love for the old-town feeling of Main Street, USA. Unfortunately, people usually rush down Main Street on the way to all the attractions.  The Dapper Dans are a staple on Main Street, and they are an incredible attraction unto themselves. I was blown away the first time I saw them (and listened to them), at Christmastime. I’ve seen them perform at both Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, and both groups are fabulous – definitely worth it to stop and listen!

Christmastime with the Dapper Dans

Day Eight: Star Tours

Twenty-something years ago, during college spring break, I posed for a photo just prior to being stepped on by an amazing AT-AT at Disney MGM Studios. I have not been able to locate that photo in recent years, but I had an opportunity to re-create that moment with my kids in 2015. Don’t they look terrified?!?!

And who wouldn’t want to go for a spin on a speeder bike too?

Day Seven: The time I got to be an extra at Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Only occasionally in life do you get one of those surreal experiences – unexpected, exhilarating, maybe a little nerve wracking. One morning in October 2015 at Hollywood Studios, I wasn’t expecting the opportunity to actually PERFORM in a Disney Parks attraction, but yet it happened just the same.

While introducing the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, the cast members asked for volunteers to be extras in the show. I raised my hand, more for my kids’ sake than my own, and I actually got picked by a cast member! I was called up to the stage in front of hundreds of fellow Disney guests, asked for my name and “where I’m from”, and to do my best Goofy laugh (which I nailed). 

“Do your best Goofy laugh”

Several other volunteer extras and I were escorted to a back room to “get dressed” then returned to the show to act as extras in the performance. Our group was assigned a coach, and In between stunts our coach would guide us on what to do in the next scene, while the show demonstrations were explained to the crowd by the actors.

My wife took many great photos with me in the scenes, including a cool one of me in the same frame as Indy himself!

I look like I’m on my cell pone, but we were asked to block our ears in preparation for a loud “Bang” (Indy’s gun)

I had seen this show a couple times before, but never from this perspective. This was an experience I’ll never forget (and neither will my family)!

Day Six: Tusker House Breakfast

We’ve done many different character meal experiences, and Tusker House is right at the top of the list! We got to meet Mickey and pals while we ate breakfast at Animal Kingdom. But aside from the fun characters, the food was amazing (especially the pastries)! We liked it so much, we’ve done this meal two different times.

Which character meal is your favorite?

Day Five: Enchanted Tales With Belle

Surprising Belle on her birthday is one of the sweetest experiences kids can enjoy at Walt Disney World. Lumiere “lets us in” on the secret, so we can all be part of the fun. These photos are from our second WDW visit, in 2015. Ben got to play the part of Belle’s horse Philippe, and Abby played the role of Wardrobe. We’ve done this experience twice with the kids, and it was equally charming both times.

By the way – are Lumiere and Wardrobe among the most amazing animatronics, or what?

Day Four: Wiped Out

We tend to be a rope drop family, and we also tend to not take breaks during the day, so it was no surprise when Ben – only 2 ½ years old during our first WDW visit – failed to make it through dinner awake. And this was while eating his favorite food – mac and cheese!  He was a trooper though, and was all energy right up until he crashed. He’s never one to miss a party.

Abby found Ben’s snoozing to be quite amusing.

When visiting Disney Parks, do you tend to be a rope drop person, or a kiss goodnight person?

Day Three: I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date!

If you were to ask me who would we want to meet most on our first trip to Walt Disney World, my answer would have been Mickey, or my favorite Pluto, or our daughter’s favorite princess Ariel. We were able to meet all of our favorites on our first trip, but the very first character we met was the White Rabbit, outside the Mad Tea Party ride and Cheshire Cafe. Our meeting with the White Rabbit was unplanned, but he was adorable, gave wonderful hugs (despite being late) and was a perfect introduction into the world of Disney character meets.

Day Two: Our Kids’ First Visit to Magic Kingdom

Look in Abby’s eyes, and you will see the childlike wonder of a Disney trip.  This was our first ever morning in Magic Kingdom as a family. We were watching the Walt Disney World Railroad pull into Main Street Station from outside the gate (before Disney invited guests onto Main Street ahead of park opening). Later that morning, we paused so I could get a photo of Nicole and the kids in front of the iconic Cinderella Castle.

Day One: First Family Flight to Walt Disney World

February 2013 was our first family trip to Walt Disney World. Nicole and I had visited separately prior to being married, but this was the first time we went as a family. I am a firm believer that the anticipation of the trip is a huge part of the fun. To that end, the first two magical experiences on our first Disney trip were the car ride to the airport, and the plane ride itself, which was Ben’s first time ever on a plane. The whole week was ahead of us – memories waiting to be made!

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