Disney Facts and Figment aims to both entertain and engage all who visit, with stories, news, and discussions on the history of Walt Disney and the Disney Company.  We’ll discuss the latest in Disney entertainment, dive deep into the past, cobble together some of our favorite themes, and have some fun with trivia along the way. Disney Facts and Figment is a site where people of all ages and backgrounds can celebrate the magic of Disney together.

Here is some of the content you can find throughout Disney Facts and Figment!

Trivia – This is our bread and butter. Some trivia notions that span the spectrum of Disney magic from parks to films to history – and just about everywhere in between. Come learn something new!

Disney Parks – We’ll poke around in some of the magical corners of the Disney parks and resorts.

Spotlight – Deeper dives into some of the amazing Disney content and creators. You’ll find the low-down on some classic Disney films, learn more about your favorite characters, and we’ll pay homage to some Disney Legends.

Lists – Everyone loves a good list. Check out some unique collections here.

Disney Connections – These are a few of our other favorite things – and fun ways you may not have known they relate to Disney.

The Words of Walt – The man who started it all shared so many nuggets of wisdom with the world over the years. We’ll explore some of those, and just maybe apply them to our own ventures.

Bits & Pieces – Little factoids that will make you go hmmm….

General – This one is pretty much what it looks like – a catch-all for some of our inspiration that doesn’t fit so neatly into individual categories. You’ll find some wacky things here!

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