Patrick Warburton’s name may not jump out to everyone as a major television and film star, but he’s been subtly there in the pop culture ethos for decades – especially to fans of Seinfeld and Disney. Warburton’s blissfully subdued portrayal of the moronic meathead David Puddy in Seinfeld led to his most popular role for Disney, and it’s not even in a film or television show.

Warburton is legendary to Disney Parks fans for one iconic role – that of a flight attendant in the pre-show for Soarin’. This role is almost as beloved to Disney Parks fans as the sweeping attraction itself, with his signature phrase “Nice Work Pal” adorning countless t-shirts in Epcot (including mine). And of course:

“When the doors to your flight open, please take a seat and store all carry on items in the under seat compartment. This includes: Cameras, purses, hats, and of course… these little beauties.”

But did you know Warburton plays another role in a Disney Parks attraction? Think about where you’ve heard that voice, take your best guess, and…

Was your guess correct?

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